B2C Debt Collection

Debt Collection from Individuals (B2C)

This involves undertaking procedures to pursue due and unpaid bills assortment value of the debtors. Two steps are involved in the process:

Amicable Collection of Debts

The procedure is limited to Settlement and Negotiation, including:

  • Sending Notices
  • Sending SMS
  • Telephone Contact Campaigns

Consideration for recovery and settlement of each flow:

  • Skip tracing for the identification of the identity of borrowers (Inclusive of discovering new addresses as well as phone numbers)
  • Street collection - visiting debtors living addresses
  • Prejudicial settlement (outside court)
  • Duration 3 months
  • “No Collection - No Fee” - Payment is made just in case of prosperity

Debt Collection by LEGAL PROCEDURES

  • Attached to the enforceability of credit agreements
  • Enforcement debtor via the network bailiffs
  • Actions under the law of bankruptcy and judicial reorganization 86/2006
  • Acquiring final court decision by summons disbursement/disbursement orders

Reasons to Use Debt Collection Services from Debt Academy

  • Collecting debts in the short-term, no direct costs
  • Control and monitoring procedures for collecting
  • Affordable prices confined to fee collection
  • Rapid and effective decisions for all the procedures used in the assortment of debts.
  • Develop the customized reports, submitted on a regular basis (daily, weekly and monthly) on the status of your portfolio, acquire additional information about borrowers, who can provide you assistance in making quick and efficient decisions.
  • Our immense experience in the service along with a detailed database having registered cases of collection from the following sectors: banking, telecom, leasing, insurance as well as utilities.
  • Our access to a network executive and judicial liquidators can obtain the best prices for our customers as well as faster service along with quality.
  • Automatic dialing system performance of debtors - predictive dialing as well as the call-codes approach to debtors.
  • Registration of Street Collection service in collection workflow.

Consumer Debt Collection Services

Consumer debt recovery is subject to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well as other state and local rules along with regulations. For the purpose of ensuring compliance, Debt Academy has highly-trained and licensed professionals, who are subject to continuous training, ensuring strict adherence to applicable federal and state laws.
We work on consumer accounts as often as legally permitted, and reports debtors collection items to all major credit bureaus. They work as per the highest standards, both professionally as well as ethically.
Your confidence in our ability to safeguard your funds is specifically important to us and our continued relationship with you. We do not rest until they have exhausted all legal means of collecting your consumer business debt.

Collection in the Consumer Industries

  • Medical Debt
  • Dental Debt
  • Retail Debt
  • Business to Consumer (B2C) Debt

We maintain a library of laws as well as regulations to support their efforts. Relevant case law that pertains to whatever your situation is, dictates. We use this information to support their collection efforts as well as educate the debtor as to why, on the basis of their legal responsibility, it is in their best interest to disburse. The law, when it is on your side, is the best advantage you can have.
n contradiction to what people may consider, the collection is an art, as it is more than just asking for money. It is knowing who you are speaking to, prior to picking up the phone. Knowing their finances, making an assessment of the credit, the location of assets, as well as usage of a range of psychological techniques towards the engagement of those special cases.
Debt Academy is a forensic collection firm having a special emphasis in the consumer debt industry. We believe in going an extra mile for the production of results. The technology and training make Debt Academy an easy choice for all of your receivables management concerns. And as always, Debt Academy guarantees collection or the service is available free of charge.

Fair Debt Collection Practices

We are the leading collection agency that shows professionalism during vocation, yet thoroughly, to recover your money with the use of fair debt collection practices. The agency’s collections far exceed the national average.
We can provide assistance to almost anyone with the legally owed debt. With expertise in all areas of commercial and personal credit, the agency has helped a broad range of clients to recover the debt owed to them with the use of fair debt collection practices. Those clients include medical providers, attorneys, insurance companies, financial institutions, retailers and property managers, and many more.
Consumer collection is a tough work. FDCPA laws were established towards consumer protection. There are other laws that you all must adhere to as well that make your job more challenging. Continual improvements and training in compliance are mandatory for the elimination of violations of those statutes.

Debt Collection Activities

Debt Academy focuses on recovering the debts in the shortest possible time and at optimal collection costs. As part of those services, Debt Academy Legal office handles the cases with the following status:.

  • Prior to initiation of court proceedings - those with court orders, writs of execution as well as orders for payment.
  • Subsequent to ineffective enforcement undertaken by debt collection companies or by a bailiff.

Basic Debt Collection Methods

  • Amicable collection consisting of regular monitoring of the debtors, leading to voluntary repayment in accordance with the approved schedule.
  • A court collection consisting in the obtainment of a court decision or order for payment complemented with the enforcement clause that constitutes the basis for enforcement proceedings against the debtors not showing any willingness to cooperate.

Better Performance than the Competition

Individual Approach: Debt Academy always operates based on individual arrangements with a client, considering the specificity of the debtors as well as the amounts due.

Experience: Debt Academy has been operating as a specialist in mass debt collection and with regards to that field, they have a large portfolio.

Professionalism: The negotiators of Debt Academy are equipped with complete knowledge, they hold multiple years’ of experience, high personal culture as well as adequate psychological preparation.

Area of Operation: Debt Academy carries out recovery activities in all provinces and states.

Low Costs: Debt Academy uses reliable IT solutions that reduce operating costs and let them effectively manage the processes of mass collection or enforcement.

References and Recommendations: Debt Academy’s work quality has been confirmed by their clients in numerous letters of reference and recommendation.